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Our Vision

We believe that every great innovation is powered by the pursuit of helping people live better. At FUVI, we are leveraging science and technology to help people learn and succeed in their lives.

Identified Problems:

Existing online-learning videos are in the entertainment format and lack academically oriented features to help students more effectively grasp the content and extend their understandings to successful applications, resulting in less-than-optimal learning outcomes

Our Solution:

By leveraging scientifically validated principles, and advanced learning and patented cognition technology, FUVI transforms traditional educational resources into a form that helps learners visually improve their understanding and problem-solving skills by actively engaging the conscious and unconscious parts of the brain.

With FUVI’s cognitive scaffoldings, learners can learn easier and achieve better outcomes, bringing their academic performance and career opportunities to a higher level. 

Our Story:

For more than 25 years, FUVI FORMWORK was one of the leaders in the scaffolding and formwork industry; we enjoyed remarkable success and are proud of what we accomplished. Our most noteworthy accomplishment was the Mahanakhon, a 77-story skyscraper in Bankok, Thailand, in which FUVI innovations allowed formwork and concrete to be assembled in just 4 days a floor.

The most meaningful takeaway was the insight on how scaffolding could help people simultaneously build a complex superstructure and architecture of the skyscraper. Accordingly, it ignited in our founder the idea of another type of scaffolding, cognitive scaffolding, to help people develop knowledge and cognitive intelligence in their minds — to learn easier and think faster every day and everywhere.

Today, FUVI Cognitive Network is bringing that idea to life.

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