We Leverage Neuroscience to Transform Education.

Our Innovation

Neuroscience-Based Education with Brain-Powered Courses and Platform Enhances Understanding, Problem-Solving, and Retention.

The Identified Problems:

  • Most essential educational resources are in textbook formats that need teacher step-by-step explanations in classrooms or videos to enhance procedural understanding and problem-solving skills.
  • Most of the available learning videos are played using entertainment players that lack the dedicated features to play the videos with summary slides to enhance conceptual understanding and retention.

Our Technical Solution:

  • We transform textbooks into summary slides and video explanations, then upload them onto a scaffolding-integrated platform that syncs slides and videos and works in harmony with both conceptual and procedural learning systems in the brain.
  • We configure a user-friendly dual player in our scaffolding-integrated platform to facilitate both conceptual and procedural learning and enhance understanding, problem-solving, and retention simultaneously.

Our Story:

In 1994, FUVI’s Founder, Mr. Phu-Vinh Nguyen, founded a company to provide innovative scaffolding and formwork to build high-rise buildings, and he loved to help people use FUVI’s innovations more effectively.

Over time, he discovered that people who worked strictly by combining the understanding of product features and assembly procedures had always achieved phenomenal results. As a result, he wondered if there existed a universal tool to assist people in combining such features and procedures to enhance their performances.

Accordingly, it ignited in Mr. Nguyen the idea of a cognitive assistant system, now known as the FUVI active-learning platform, to combine conceptual and procedural understanding to enhance cognitive performances.

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