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The Neuroscience-Based Video/Slide Active Learning Platform helps learners improve their understanding and problem-solving skills by actively engaging the conceptual & procedural parts of the brain.

Conceptual Learning System:

Purposefully designed to empower learners to deepen understanding, optimize memory, and enhance retrieval ability.

Improving Understanding of Key Concepts:

By integrating visual-design slides with video explanations, learners can form strong connections between concepts and their underlying principles.

Optimizing Memory & Enhancing Retrieval Ability:

Through neuroscience-based visual-design slides, learners can holistically retain and effortlessly retrieve all the concepts within a topic.

conceptual learning
procedural learning

Procedural Learning System:

Scientifically designed to empower learners to master problem-solving and enhance predictive skills

Developing Predictive Skills:

By navigating the video content with cognitive consoles, learners can effectively follow step-by-step explanations and intuitively engage in coherent pathways from causes to results and questions to answers at their own pace. This approach empowers learners to develop predictive skills, leading to enhanced critical thinking and decision-making skills, ultimately resulting in higher levels of success.

Improving Problem-Solving Skills:

By engaging with the video content supported by cognitive scaffolding, learners can effectively develop, retain, and retrieve procedural memory, which helps them intuitively respond to various problems, leading to the mastery of problem-solving skills.

procedural learning

Teach & Learn @ Home – Resources, Community, & Marketplaces:

Join our collaborative global network dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning while promoting success for every teacher and student.

Access a wide range of innovative and

customized resources created by accredited global teachers. These resources empower students to learn effectively from home, while providing teachers and parents with innovative tools for effective teaching.

Experience the transformative power of

collaboration within our education community, where teachers unite to create, upload, sell, and share their invaluable resources and experiences. This fosters a dynamic and supportive network of educators, propelling the collective growth and success of teaching and learning.

Take advantage of our collaborative resource marketplaces, reducing educational costs, increasing teacher income, and improving student outcomes.

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