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Neuroscience-Based Educational Platform and Intelligent Content Network

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We represent the ‘Democratization’ of Education—A Powerful Educational Platform—enabling teachers to use science-based teaching tools to teach to the individual learner.

FUVi C(i) Technology unleashes the power of the individuals’ cognitive abilities to create and grow intelligence thru optimized cognition that will last a lifetime.

The FUVi C(i) PRODUCT Suite consists of:

A Powerful Proprietary and Easy-to-use Integrated Lesson-building platform for Teachers and Experts to Create, Deliver, and Monetize Intelligent Content

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A Network of Unique Intelligent Content Created by Leading Experts Covering Multiple Topics and Skill Sets for People to Engage With and Exchange This Content

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A Proprietary, Easy-to-use and Personalized Comprehension Platform for Individuals to Master Learning and Deepen Understanding of Topics at Their Own Pace

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A Proprietary, Intuitive Intelligence-structured Platform for Individuals to Structure and Enrich Their Learning Experience, Using Their Personal Intelligent Content to Dramatically Enhance Their Abilities to Solve Problems and Make Better Decisions in Their Daily Lives

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A Proprietary, Intelligent Communication Network for Individuals, Project Members, Private Classrooms’ Members, to Communicate and Exchange Their Private Intelligent Content.

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“The pandemic is a game changer and creates an opportunity to make transformational change in the way we teach and learn.”

– Jeb Bush, Former Governor of Florida

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