Transformative Technology

FUVI Technology enhances learning, deepens understanding, improves problem-solving, and develop lasting cognitive intelligence

Transforming Learning & Learning Materials

Patent US 11, 120, 705 — Abstract

A cognitive assistant system which includes an episodic-based time-framed cognitive scaffold and visual comprehension platforms for building coherence and comprehension, facilitating learning, deepening understanding, and improving the efficiency of problem-solving and decision-making of a particular user.

Patent US 11, 120, 705 — Applications

Our patent, US 11,120,705, enables learners to actively engage with learning materials through CRUs (Cognitive Resolution Units). Similar to how pixels form images in digital imaging, each CRU consists of two components—semantic and episodic—that are compatible with the brain’s two learning systems: declarative and procedural.

Powering the Brain through Cognitive Scaffolding

and Dual Player Interface

The complex and profound principles in our patents work in a simple and user-friendly way on the FUVI platform:

  • The cognitive scaffolding interface on the right side of the screen is marked with keywords from the content at every CRU interval. Users can intuitively scroll through this cognitive scaffolding to navigate explanations and problem-solving steps at their own pace.
  • The dual-player interface at the bottom of the screen is designed with two simple buttons. Users can simply hover over (or touch) the “VIDEO” button to view videos and “SLIDE” to view slides, intuitively connecting the concepts in the slide with step-by-step problem-solving in the video.