Transformative Technology

Transforming and Optimizing Learning

FUVI Technology transforms learning and helps learners deepen understanding, improve problem-solving, and enhance lasting cognitive intelligence.

Digitizing Cognitive Intelligent Performance

Based on the chunking structure and integration ability of memory in the human mind, we create algorithms to transform video lessons into a plurality of Cognitive Resolution Units (CRU) similar to the pixels in digital imaging, then we integrate them with learning materials, presenting them in a new form that works in harmony with the human cognitive intelligent performance.

Transforming and Harmonizing Learning and Life

At the CORE of the FUVi experience is our our Patented Cognitive Scaffoldings and LIVE Video Streaming Communications which enable ALL USERS to construct and optimize Real-Life experience, creating authentic learning environment that fosters higher-order thinking and harmonizes learning and life.

Science-Based Technology

Transforming and Optimizing Cognitive Intelligence Performance

Neuroscience Forms the Basics of the FUVI Cognitive Design and Technology

Studying the Experts

Product and Patent development began by seeking a thorough understand of emerging science about how the human brain Creates, Retains and Uses Memory. Professors Eric Kandel of Columbia University and Frank Longo of Stanford University both provide a thorough understanding of this area…

And…The format we’ve incorporated in our platform is not dissimilar to the structures used in grammar as laid out by Professor Steven Pinker of Harvard..

Optimizing MEMORY in the Learning Process

In SIMPLEST TERMS: Our proprietary Technology OPTIMIZES MEMORY by formatting video lessons so the information can be Accessed and Used…

…in the SAME WAY Memory is Accessed and Utilized by the Human Brain.

In terms of technology, we’ve created Software that Works in Harmony with the Firmware (or the Mind) that runs on the Hardware of the Human Brain!

In other words…We Complete the Operating System for the Learner!

Using A Familiar Framework

Our design mimics the structure of both language and memory in order to forward our goal of enabling learners to gain deeper comprehension and achieve mastery

Using Technology to Enable Science

And we can relate that compatibility back to the design and formatting of our platform.

From The Learner’s Perspective

And from the Learner’s perspective…this provides a FAMILIAR and MIND-FRIENDLY learning experience with KEY BENEFITS clearly delineated to FOSTER COMPREHENSION, IMPROVE PROBLEM-SOLVING, CREATE AND GROW LASTING COGNITIVE INTELLIGENCE .

FUVi Global Authentic Learning Network

FUVi C(i) Network is a Global Network of Cognitive formatted K-16 Courses and Lessons fueled by Leading LO-based Texbooks and materials, Author-created Video Courses/Lessons and Live Teacher/Tutor Guidance Videos

Content Structuring & Processing

Cognitive Scaffolding

Optimizing Memory

Live Video / Community Discussion / Communication

Leading LO-based Textbooks / Authors / Teachers

FUVi is a Network of intelligent content across a broad array of K-16

subjects made fully DISCOVERABLE by keyword search and available for use by Tutors and Learners ANYTIME and ANYWHERE across the Globe.

Teaching and Learning Community

Our proprietary, ‘permissioned’ Video and Communication platform is designed to bring Educators, Authors, Tutors, Students and Classrooms

together in an unprecedented Educational Community to help achieve better results for everyone involved in the teaching and learning process.

Groundbreaking Global Content Marketplace

If you are a K-16 Teacher or Tutor seeking Better Outcomes for your Students…AND…would like to make a little extra INCOME or even create

your own Small Business by monetizing your Teaching Skills, the FUVi Network COMBINES the science-backed tools…AND…a Secure Global e-Commerce platform to achieve your GOALS.