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Discover how the I SEE products are enhancing cognitive learning and development through the seamless integration of mind and technology.

I SEE Device

With the I SEE wearable technology, learners gain an advantage every time they place the device on their head. After initiating the built in recording feature via the mobile I SEE app, the learner is creating a video of the lesson for later review.

Behind the scenes, the I SEE device has recorded a cognitive video of the lesson, including synchronized EEG waves that will be used to generate the cognitive performance map by the I SEE app.

Enhancing the I SEE device is the I SEE SDK and developer tools which allow third-party developers to write custom applications for the device.

Lesson Recall

Recording feature allows the learner to go back and review a previous lesson.

Cognitive Behavior Feedback

EEG monitoring generates valuable insights into cognitive performance.

Consistent Improvement

Comprehension and focus monitoring for improved learning.


The I SEE app unlocks the cognitive feedback gained through the use of the I SEE device, allowing the learner to save time and improve comprehension.

The I SEE app creates a cognitive performance map from the video captured by the I SEE device. The performance map reflects the learner’s cognitive levels during the lesson and highlights three cognitive states that show the learner’s understanding of the material at any point during the lesson.

The navigation tool uses the cognitive performance map to identify topics the learner does not fully understand and allows the learner to scroll to those topics quickly for additional study and review.

The I SEE app provides integrated tools to look up unfamiliar words and concepts. It also allows the learner to take notes relating to a particular lesson topic, which are synchronized with the video.

By retrieving and reviewing related lesson topics, concepts, and ideas (we call this process correlation), the learner is able to develop optimized insights and deeper comprehension.

Second Chance Comprehension

Watching the recorded lesson allows for another chance at comprehension.

Focus Point Navigation

Target areas of low focus and comprehension for further review.

Optimized Insight Discovery

Discover insights in the relationships among lesson topics and conceptual ideas.

I SEE Network

Similar to most social media platforms, the I SEE network connects people and builds a community of learners. Community members interact through asking and answering questions about shared lessons.

Connected learners appear in each other’s learning network. When a learner reviews a shared lesson, the list of relevant connections changes as the learner scrolls through the recorded lesson, indicating which connections have posted about specific topics or areas. Swiping on a connection’s icon allows the learner to view their notes and posts on a specific section of the recording, enhancing social learning.

Connected educators gain insights into student comprehension and focus which allows them to pinpoint areas that require more explanation. Additionally, it helps to inform the development of best practices for fostering student comprehension and engagement.

Social Learning

A social media style platform connects learners with a common goal.

Collaborative Comprehension

A platform for learners to share notes and insights about lessons.

Learning Community

A connected community of users learning and advancing together.

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