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Our Story

Our story began in 1994 when our Founder, Phu-Vinh Nguyen (Vinh) started his own business to develop innovations for the construction industry. Vinh spent plenty of time watching people interact with his products. He became curious as to why some people learned more quickly or understood more deeply than others. Specifically, he was interested in what was happening in the brain during the learning and thinking process.

Vinh began to research discoveries in neuroscience that could explain these differences in learning abilities and suggest what might lead to better results. What he found was that, while the science is still emerging, it was clear that how the brain creates, retains, and uses memory is critical to how we learn, think, and solve problems.

In 2012, Vinh’s company was selected to provide a scaffolding and formwork system for the construction of The Mahanakhon, a 77-story skyscraper in Bangkok, Thailand. He noted how people used scaffolding to build the superstructure of the skyscraper and how the lift core was able to maintain the building’s structure and architecture.

Vinh discovered that our minds build memory no differently than people building skyscrapers. The experience at Mahanakhon led Vinh to his vision of a “cognitive scaffolding” that could build and optimize memory, forming a cognitive superstructure and architecture for human beings.


Our Management Team

Phu-Vinh Nguyen


Before founding FUVi Cognitive Intelligence Network in 2016 in the US, Vinh had been a passionate Innovator for over 25 years. During this time, he and his team developed FUVI Formwork, an innovative system used in high-rise construction, including the 77-story high tallest building in Bangkok, Thailand.

Since 2012, he has developed a fascination with human intelligence to help people facilitate learning and improve problem-solving in their daily lives. Vinh has 12 pioneering US patents in the Cognitive and Intelligent Processing Field.

Stefani Ferlan


Stefani served as Director of Investment for Boston Schools Fund, supporting the growth and improvement of schools across the city. Stefani began her career as a Teach For America corps member, teaching high school math at Uplift Education, the largest charter school network in North Texas. After leaving the classroom, she held progressive leadership roles developing teachers and coaching school and district leaders across the country.

Stefani holds a B.A. in Economics and Child Development from Tufts University.

Chuck Ball


Chuck is the former CMO and Product Innovation Officer of Lycos, Inc.  He has successfully led management teams in Fortune 100 companies including P&G, Disney, Merck and Universal Studios.  As Investor, Co-founder and Senior executive, he has also helped lead 10+ early-stage technology and media companies to successful launches, the raising of @ $50MM and successful exits of over $150MM.

He earned an MBA from UVA’s Darden Graduate School of Business, a BA from UC Berkeley and an Executive MBA Certificate in Intnt’l Business from Cornell’s Johnson School.

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